Your partner in global food trading

Mission and Vision

Parma Handelsgesllschaft mbH is a German company based in Neu-Isenburg and specialized in the food business. Since 1958, the company has been a key provider of canned and frozen food items as well as commodities. We are keen to becoming the leading importer of foods of the highest quality.


Being a member of The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), Parma social responsible agenda is focused on improving working conditions in partner factories and farms.

Our values help us guide our actions

P: People / We care about people access to safe and high quality food

A: Accountability / We are held fully accountable to the services we provide to our clients and to our end consumers.

R: Responsive / We are dedicated to responding effectively and efficiently to the various requests that reach us

M: Master / We continuously strive to master the work we do to satisfy our clients!

A: Action oriented / We are a team of action-oriented people who work together to take challenges proactively.


Parma business has expanded over the past years reaching a large number of partners in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. In Parma we are committed to provide our clients with the optimum quality of Service.

The services we provide are many, and include among others: looking for the appropriate producer, making sure that the needed products meet the required quality standards and norms, following the goods from the very early stages of the harvesting process to the production, on-site quality assurance, shipping, controlling through testing the goods in specialized food laboratories and final delivery.

Parma offers its partners the option either to pack food under its own available brands (MAROKKO Gold and Clara) or under the relevant private label brand. We are flexible enough to customize any desired product according to the needs of our Clients.